Lakkidi in Morning Light

Lakkidi in Morning Light

photo by Srinivasagopalan Narasimhan


A hidden gem in India that the average tourist does not know about is Kerala in the Wayanad district. A beautiful serene paradise of nature that's rich in history and unspoiled by expats. Kerala, the state, has a population of over seven hundred thousand and most of that is indigenous people. With a history that spans from the time before Christ, rivers for water sports, hiking in the forest or just exploring, there is something for everyone to do.

The Wayanad forest is said to be one of the oldest in the world. And writings in caves and other evidence suggests that there is more to learn about this part of the world. Unexplored, untainted by tourists, Kerala is a beautiful oasis that takes your breath away. And getting around is cheap and meeting and mingling with the locals is easy because English is widely spoken. The British occupation left the locals with not just the language but other in?uences in the city.

The high elevation makes for a cool climate. The weather starts to get hot around April and the summer days last until late August. Similar to El Nido, Philippines, the tropical climate makes for wonderful vacation at almost all times of the year. However, monsoons are known to occure between late May to October. But don't let that stop you because that's part of what makes the Wayanad district distinct and beautiful. Because of the rain, crops grow in a radiant green and food is fresh and delicious.

Wayanad district is heavy in agriculture. A lot of the land is not urbanized and thus farming is a big part of the economy. Make your way through the country side and you will see beautiful houses and farmland and experience the culture in a unique and personal way. And getting around is not dif?cult because even though the state is not urbanized for the most part, the transportation system via buses is very well connected and accessible. You can spend your time watching tribal dances or martial art performances. However you choose to spend your time, you will have a great experience. The people are friend and very hospitable.

Pack your bags and start a new adventure in the Wayanad district and enjoy beautiful weather in a culture that's very welcoming. If you like hiking, there is plenty to explore and see. If you like water sports, there is something for you too. Take a little break from work and experience a refreshing vacation in Kerala