Palakkad Fort

Palakkad Fort

photo by Viral Sachde


Visiting Palakkad, Kerala, India
Palakkad is a district located in the Indian state of Kerala, an inland area in the south west of India. The region is predominantly rural, with forests, fertile farmland, abundant flora and wildlife, and is bordered by mountains. The main language of the district's 2.8 million inhabitants is Malayalam, but Tamil, Hindi, and England are also widely spoken and understood. The region is the ideal destination for those who want to relax, experience nature, and see stunning scenery.

Getting There
It is relatively easy to reach Palakkad by plane, bus, train, or car. The closest airport is in Coimbatore, a domestic airport just 50km away. For international flights the closest destination is Kochi. Train services connect Palakkad with several major Indian cities, including Kochi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. You can also get direct buses from a number of major cities, such as Mangalore and Kozhikode. If you're planning on driving, you can get to Palakkad on the NH 47 or NH 217 National Highways. Once you're in the district transportation is readily available by bus, taxi, and auto rickshaw. You can even book a chauffeur guided taxi that will take you to areas of interest.

Where to Stay
Even though the region is rural, there is a good choice of accommodation in Palakkad. One of the most beautiful places to stay is the tourist resort in Malampuzha. It has beautifully maintained gardens, a fish aquarium, amusement parks, and Snake Park. Within the grounds there is a children's park and open air auditorium. Visitors can also view the dam and surrounding area by riding on the Ropeway, which travels 60-feet above the ground. The hotel in the area is family friendly and very reasonably priced.
For complete relaxation and natural healing an excellent Palakkad resort is the Ayurvedic Healing Village in the Kairali Resort. Here you can get traditional Ayurvedic treatments, swim in the pool, and take meditation and yoga classes.
There are also a number of good, affordable hotels, such as the Hotel Gazala, Hotel Malabar, and Hotel Chanakya.

What to See
There is a lot to see in the area making it impossible to take in everything in one trip, so here are some of the best Palakkad sights. Located in the center of Palakkad town is the 18th century fort, also called Tipu's Fort. However, this fort is believed to have been constructed on the site of a much more ancient fort.
For a truly unspoiled experience of nature a visit to Silent Valley National Park is a must for Palakkad visitors. The park is filled with lush, dense tropical forests, hills, and many rare plants and animals. Rare birds that live here include the Crimson-backed Sunbird, Nilgiri Laughing Thrush, and the Malabar Parakeet. Other animals you may see are the rare Lion-tailed Macaque, the Giant Squirrel, and the hairy-winged Bat. Another excellent destination for nature enthusiasts is the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a little out of the way at 125 km away, but its wonderful wealth of wildlife, teak plantations, and bird life make the trip worth it. For amazing views go to Seetharkundu a high point in Nelliampathy that gives you the best views of the valley. It is famous for its waterfalls which are up to 1,000 meters high.
There are several dams in the region that have provided areas of outstanding natural beauty. Meenkara Dam has gardens and fish ponds, while Chulliyar Dam provides visitors with spectacular vistas. At Mangalam Dam you will get the chance to spot wild elephants, rare birds, and deer.

Several festivals take place in Palakkad throughout the year. The biggest of these festivals is Navaratri, which takes place all over India, but has regional customs. The event takes place in the autumn, lasts for 10 days and celebrates Durga, a Hindu deity. During the 10 days people worship idols, tools, watch processions, dance, and fast. Special dishes are prepared with meat, garlic, and onions avoided. Another very popular Palakkad festival is Nenmara Vallanghy Vela, which takes place at the start of April at the Vallanghy Nellikulangara Bhagavath temple. Elephants are beautifully adorned and lined up outside.

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