Malampuzha Gardens

Malampuzha Gardens

photo by Gopal Venkatesan

Palakkad Gardens

Palakkad is an area of outstanding natural beauty. This beauty has been enriched by the addition of stunning formal gardens, some of which are considered works of art. All of the gardens mentioned here are worth visiting, but if you only have time for one place, head to Malampuzha. Here you will be able to fit the most into your day.

The Rock Garden is one of two gardens located at Malampuzha Dam. The garden was opened in 1996 and cared for by the local tourist council. When it was created, there was no garden like it in the entire south of India. One of India’s most famous sculptors, Padmasree Neck Chand Saini, designed it. He was responsible for the design of India's first rock garden. All of the sculptures and structures in the garden present an excellent example of recycling. Every part of the garden is made from bits of tiles, broken dishes, plastic, tins, stone, granite, and bangles.

The garden is open daily from 10am to 6pm. You will have to pay a small entry fee of 10 Rs for adults and 3Rs for children under 12. You also have to pay a fee to bring in a camera or video camera.

Malampuzha Garden is a formal garden that is perfect to enjoy on a sunny day. It is full of lush flowerbeds, walking paths, fountains, lawn, and sculptures. Within the garden is access to the lake where you can take out a boat and a family friendly swimming pool. The swimming pool provides safety materials for those who need them. It also has lockers where you can securely store your belongings while you swim. Also within the garden is a children's play park, shopping, and food court.

The garden is open daily from 8am to 6pm, with swimming available from 9am. To enter the garden you will need to pay a fee of 25Rs for adults and 10Rs for children. Entry to the swimming pool is extra and charged at 75Rs per person, regardless of age. You will also have to pay a fee to use a camera or video camera. Locker use is charged at 15 rupees per locker.

Thread Gardens is truly a work of art and something you will not find anywhere else. Every flower, leaf, bird, and other animal you will see here were painstakingly made with embroidery thread. Each item was handmade, without any needles or other special tools. When you visit, you will be amazed at what you see. The garden looks like a real garden with grass and a huge variety of plants, but all of it is constructed from thread, wire, and some canvas. The only non-thread items in the garden are the soil and the pots used to place the plants in. The garden was designed by Mr. Antony Joseph. It took him and his team 12 years to complete. It is so realistic; you will not know the difference unless you actually touch the plants. The bright colours of the 400 different hues used to create the garden are protected from the elements by clear acrylic cases.

The garden is located in Malampuzha, next to Fantasy Park and near Malampuzha Dam. It is 6km from Palakkad town's train station, so it is easy to get to by car. The garden is open every day from 2pm to 9pm during the week and from 11am to 9pm on weekends.

Meenkara Garden is a very pretty formal garden, located at Meenkara Dam, 32km from Palakkad town. It located . It is not as well known as the garden at Malampuzha, but equally worthy of a visit. The surrounding scenery is beautiful and it is the perfect spot to come for a picnic.