Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

photo by Dhruvaraj S


A Plethora Of Tourist Attractions At Malappuram, Kerala.
Malappuram is a beautiful town that is nestled between the picturesque Nilgiri hills towards the west and the sea of Lakshadweep. Towards the south is the district of Palakkad while Kozhikode borders the north of Malappuram.
Tourists coming to this peaceful town located in the scenic southern state of Kerala, India, can look forward to spending wondrous sessions in the backwaters, sandy beaches, at the ancient pilgrimage spots, and touring the attractive valleys and hills. Malappuram is also considered as the center of Ayurveda, i.e., the traditional medical system of India, as well as the place of origin of Malayalam literature. Malappuram is well connected to the rest of India and the world via road, rail, and air.

Some of the main tourist attraction in Malappuram are listed below:

Backwaters Get a taste and captivating views of the Kerala backwaters at Biyyam Kayal located near Ponnani. It is a magnificent waterway adorned by greenery and the effervescent beauty of Mother Nature. It even has a newly built watersports facility.

The center of Ayurveda About 13 km from Malappuram is Kottakkal, a major Ayurveda center and home to drug production centers, large hospitals, a medical college for Ayurveda, and a herbarium. Patients from all over the world come to this place for Ayurvedic treatments.

Pilgrimage centers Malappuram is famous as a major pilgrimage destination in southern India. Some important places of interest and worship include the Tali and Thirumandhamkunnu temples in Angadipuram; the Bhagavathi temple in Kadampuzha; the Thirunavaya-based ancient Lord Shiva temple famous as the venue of traditional martial arts called Mamankam; Mamburam,an afterlife resting spot of Malabar Muslim religious leaders; A Parasurama-installed Shiva idol at Trikandiyur; the Valiya Juma Masjid; and the Siva temple and Vettakkorumakan temples at Kottakunnu.

The Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary It is situated about 7 km and 19 km from Beypore port and Kozhikode respectively. Comprising of several groups of islands enclosed in the embrace of beautiful hillocks and sights of the Kadalundipuzha’s confluence into the Arabian Ocean, this unique sanctuary is home to more than 60 types of colorful migratory birds and over 100 types of attractive native birds.

Beaches Malappuram is home to several pristine beaches, with the best being Padinharekara beach. It offers mesmerizing views of the merging of Tirur puzha and Bharathapuzha River into the Arabian Sea.

Other places
Tanur, a place with a weaver’s settlement where you can see and learn the fine art of intricate weaving. It is also one of the first places of Portuguese settlements, and home to one of the oldest temples in Kerala, i.e. the Keraladheeswarapuram temple of Lord Vishnu.

Kottakkunnu, a stunning table-top hill-garden area with varied attractions like the Lalitha kala academy art gallery, an open air auditorium, a water theme park, and dilapidated sites of Zamorins forts.

Nilambur, a well-known trading center where you can purchase authentic local artifacts. It is also famous for its teak plantations which are considered as the oldest on the planet. Tourists can also check out the Teak Museum to get an insight into the history and unique uses of teak.