Elaveezha poonchira, hill station near Melukavu Mattom, 60kms from Kottayam

Elaveezha poonchira, hill station near Melukavu Mattom, 60kms from Kottayam

photo by Adarsh K


Discovering the Kottayam District

Kottayam is one of the 14 districts that together form the Kerala state, located in the south east coast of Indian peninsula. Located on the warm and exotic coast of Malabar, Kottayam is bordered by the unique Western Ghats Mountains in the east, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage for their amazing biodiversity and guarded by India’s longest lake to the west: Lake Vembanad. Hence, there’s lots of things to see and do in the beautiful Kottayam District due to its amazing geographical and biological diversity. At the same time, Kottayam is a place of legends and myths and there’s more to discover here than the amazing landscape and surrounding locations.

The tropical climate of Kottayam District is known for its monsoon seasons and no distinct seasons around the year. The highest temperatures were recorded in the month of April, because in Kottayam, spring season is the warmest part of the year. Still, the District of Kottayam welcomes their tourists all year around.

The main tourist attractions in Kottayam are the luxurious boat cruises in the back waters of the beautiful Lake of Vembanad so that you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxed pace cruise. Accessible only by boat, the sand island of Pathiramanal awaits for you to pay a visit while cruising on the lake. Here you will get to see a great avian variety, the island being known for its rare and exotic varieties of migratory birds.

Another popular destination in Kottayam District is the local village of Kumarakom, stocked with coconut groves and mangroves, paddy fields and dense forests that altogether depict perfectly the local landscapes, flora and fauna.

If you wish to have a taste of the local culture and flavors, then you cannot miss the annual festivals. The festival season takes place each year between the months of August and September and it is held in the rivers’ waters that surround the district of Kottayam. The most famous of them all is, no doubt, Onam festival, also known as the harvest festival with the traditional snake boat racings. At least a century old, the boat race is a once in a lifetime experience and a must-see if you visit Kottayam.

Last but not least, there Vaikom, the oldest township in the district and one of the oldest in South India, the city where hundred years old traditions and temples, great local foods and the local hospitality ate at their highest. Are you now ready to discover The Kottayam District?