The ancient Alappuzha beach pier

The ancient Alappuzha beach pier

photo by Adarsh K

Alappuzha beach, also known as Alleppey beach, is a popular picnic spot in the state of Alleppey. Many people gather in this beach at evenings to enjoy its tranquil sunset views. It can easily be considered the most popular tourist destination for locals in Alleppey.

One of the main attraction here is the remains of an 150 plus years old pier, extending to the sea for about a thousand feet. The pier, once a major commercial hub, until about the 1900's was used to load goods onto ships from different nations. However, once the Kochi port opened up, it has progressively grew to become defunct.

Another attraction at the Alappuzha beach is an ancient towering light house which still reminds us of its glorious past.

One may engage in many aquatic activities like swimming, surfing and parasailing at the beach. Alappuzha beach also provides the best aqua-sport equipment like water-scooters and high-speed motorboats.

The Vijaya Beach Park at the beach has an aquarium, toy train for kids, and also pool and boating facilities. The Ocean View Park nearby is yet another place to visit while here.